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Visualisation and Exploration of huge data volumes: May 2009

Presented by: Dr Claudio Gheller (CINECA)
CINECA, Bologna, Italy

Dr Claudio Gheller introduces and describes the solutions adopted in a collaboration between CINECA and the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), in order to develop a new generation of graphic software tools. These tools are designed to overcome the limits and the barriers of traditional software by exploiting the latest technological opportunities.

The main challenges and objectives are the following:

  • High performance and multi threading to allow users to handle large amount of data in real-time.
  • Interoperability, to provide to the user a complete suite of tools to best analyse their data.
  • Collaborative work, tools allow several users to work on the same data at the same time from different places, exchanging experience, information and expertise.
  • Access to distributed resources, via web services and/or Grid protocols, to allow the astronomer to access data, independently of their geographical location in a fast and reliable way.

13 May 2009

Yesterday's seminar was well received by the audience comprised of UC researchers and remote guests that connected to the KAREN-hosted "webinar".  Dr Gheller has given his permission to make available the seminar slides and the following related material and links.

Seminar Slides (PDF, 10MB)
Examples of was to visualise Astrophysical Data (AVI, 64MB)
Stereoscopic Planetarium Presentation (in Italian) (AVI, 902MB)

To see a recording of the Webinar please use the following link.  Enter 4001 as the Recording ID and leave the PIN blank.  Note that due to technical difficulties the recording does not contain the first few minutes of the presentation.

Visualization tools links


Data standardisation

Astronomical data services

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